“Dawn Longoria is a very good employee, her attentiveness is very good.  She is an enthusiastic lady and her attention to me is lovely thanks. Dawn, I congratulate you for being a special person and very human. You really know customer service very well and are a good representative of your company.” (Translated from Spanish)
– G.C. Parent, Pedi Stat
“As a parent of a special needs child, everything is VERY important. Service is NEEDED and many times we have to battle over little things that matter so much. I found great customer service, always fast delivery and efficient work as well as a kind familiar voice when I call. My gratitude for you and your staff.”
-L.P. Parent, Pedi Stat
“We have been extremely satisfied with the service we have always received from all of the staff at Pedi Stat, but in particular our usual delivery person Albert has always provided great, courteous and prompt service even when on call and has had to come very late at night. Alicia Morgan has also always provided great service and gone above and beyond to help us. It’s because of these people that we continue to recommend Pedi Stat as the best company for medical supplies."  
– J.D., Parent Pedi Stat
  THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH Jazmin! I could not of done this without your guidance!! You are such a kind, caring and intelligent soul! And THANK YOU to Alicia & Dawn too! You guys have made the transition of getting my new baby home a much better one for both of us! We love YOU!
L.A. Parent, PediStat
Amazing staff! Extremely helpful & knowledgable about their equipment. 24/7 service. Couldn't ask for more!!
L.A. Parent, PediStat
Excellent!!!... We love the team... They are always ready, willing, and available to help with anything we need..
C.L – Parent, Pedi Stat

My child attends the PediPec site in Plantation, Fla., and I must say,  they have such a loving and caring staff....My son has learned so much being there. He looks forward to going and he gets so excited once he hears the sound of the bus horn every morning.

AZ, Parent, PediPec
"When Jennifer told you how outdated our kangaroo pump was, you sent us our own stunning travel kangaroo pump to take home. You can't imagine how much the new kangaroo pump relieved our stress and saved us waking up in the middle of the night because it didn't need to be primed or in a very specific position! (It looked so cool too. ) You can not imagine how much your kindness meant to us! We told anyone who came to visit and commented on the pump and what you did for us! Our therapist, nurse and case manager were floored that you did this for us! "
A & R K., PediStat Customers
“I have worked closely with Pedi Stat for the past 10 years. I take care of children with chronic,  medically complex issues. They depend on medical machinery to sustain their life.  PediStat  has always provided excellent service to my patients. When the patient sneed durable and nondurable medical equipment delivered to the home or hospital, the company delivers the equipment and supplies in a timely fashion. The families have always shared with me how happy they are to receive such great service from PediStat . Families also report how attentive and helpful the staff is when they call the company for assistance. PediStat is reliable and the staff they send to the patient's homes m are professional and caring. I can say that the company prides themselves on the excellent service they provide to the patients. I have only positive comments for PediStat throughout the years that I have worked closely with them.”
Local Nurse Practitioner, PediStat Customer
“I just wanted to provide positive feedback regarding the in-service that Jennifer provided for our clinical staff. Our clinical staff was engaged and the information provided was relevant to Home Health. The in-service exceeded our expectations and broadened our knowledge base.”  
Nursing Supervisor-Maxim Healthcare, PediStat Customer
I have been using Pedistat for about the last 12 years. I love you guys and recommend your company to everyone. Alicia, Dawn and Albert are the ones I deal with the most- LOVE them. Thank you all. I appreciate your service, kindness and always helpful.  
K.S., PediStat Customer
The staff shows real concern for all the kids. Most of all, as parents, we can feel the love the staff  has for the kids and that means the world to me. I would definitely recommend PediPec.
A.Z., PediPec Parent
I’m a very satisfied customer..I will always recommend PediStat.
S.A., PediStat Customer
I am very satisfied with the service that Alicia and Dawn provide for us. They are both very compassionate and caring about the customers and they do their very best to always answer all my questions. I am very pleased with Albert.  He always asks how Tyler is doing when he makes his delivery.  I especially love Jennifer for her ability to explain things to me in a manner that makes it easy for me to understand .Thank you all for a job well done.
L.F., Parent, PediStat Customer
As of this moment the services provided by PediStat Co. are excellent. The most delicate point always missed by others is that Pedistat offers a "one-on-one" with clients. For The Last 15 years we have had continued outstanding quality service. They are always there for our inquiries. When it comes to life support equipment, such as ventilators, nebulizers and others, they are the best! The patients and caregivers get peace of mind at home or anywhere. This is extremely important. Pedistat, has demonstrated from my experience that in a competitive world they are the leaders in quality and service. I want others to enjoy and share this highly qualified home medical equipment company.
L.G.,Parent, PediStat Customer
All Pedistat employees are are very competent during all home visits. Dawn, Alicia, Maggie, Alberto and Jennifer- Don't change a thing!      
T.R., Parent, PediStat
Alicia and Dawn are always prompt, courteous, and honest. I know when an order is sent to Pedistat it will be handled without problems.  Overall, excellent customer service. Thank you.
S.A., Social Worker/Discharge Planner from Baptist Hospital, PediStat Customer