Pedi Stat has Marlins Fever!

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Baseball is an all American pastime and going to a baseball game is an exciting moment in most kids’ lives.  For Pedi Stat and Pedi Pec kids, it can be challenging to make these moments a reality.  Our patients rely on oxygen, ventilators, or tracheotomy tubes to breathe, or have special medical needs that require nursing care.

Getting out of the house can be both physically challenging and stressful, so it’s rare to do something that’s just plain FUN! 

But this July, with the help of the Marlins’ Ballpark Buddies Foundation, Pedi Stat and Pedi Pec made those dreams of FUN come true for some of our kids!  The Marlins provided the tickets, we provided the smiles, and more than 100 Pedi Stat and Pedi Pec families and staff members came together at Marlins Park to cheer the team onto win 3-0 over the Washington Nationals!  It was a victory for the Marlins, and an even more significant victory for our kids!!

IMG_0727 PediStat-Marlins-33a PediStat-Marlins-34 PediStat-Marlins-31 PediStat-Marlins-61 PediStat-Marlins-56 PediStat-Marlins-55 PediStat-Marlins-54 PediStat-Marlins-52 PediStat-Marlins-35 PediStat-Marlins-8a IMG_0742IMG_0728b thumbnail